Creating a Bright Morning

Even after the perfect amount of restful sleep, sometimes you wake up and right away thoughts rush into your head. There is nothing quite worse than starting the day with anxious feelings that are so hard to shake. I have struggled with those feelings for a long time, but within the past few months I have learned a few little ways to help combat those morning anxieties from winning. Even if you are not an anxious person, some of these steps are still very good to do as soon as you wake up!

The biggest thing that I found was do not go straight to your phone! Even if you have an alarm set, just turn it off and give yourself a minute. If you are going straight to Instagram or looking at your texts, you are bound to see something that is going to get your mind going in some direction that it doesn’t need to. I know I would see hair on my Instagram right away and start thinking about work and anything that could go wrong. Just think about all of the good things coming your way that day, or the wins that you had yesterday. There is all day to see what other people are doing, so just give yourself the time to only focus on you, because we all know that doesn’t get to happen much during the day.

Meditation. I can not stress enough that meditation has changed my life. I personally am not fond of doing it on my own, so I use an app called Calm on my phone where there are hundreds of different guided meditations. You can pick out whatever you need to start your day off right. If you are feeling anxious, grateful, calm, or sad, you can find something to guide you where you need to be. Even if you just opt to do it for 5 minutes, you will be starting your day off on the right foot. That little bit of positivity can create a whole day of kindness and joy. I always feel so relieved and light after I meditate, like all of my worries have just disappeared.

My last morning routine after I meditate which is extremely calming is some light yoga. I usually wake up pretty early, so I’m not doing anything extensive, but just doing some stretching really prepares you for the day. Since I do hair, my days are pretty physical, so getting my body ready is important. Even if you don’t have a physical job stretching is such a positive action. I prefer to do my yoga in bed. Just stretch your arms, hands, and shoulders first. Then you can move to opening up your hips and stretching your legs. After all of this you will feel so awake and ready for the day.

Just these few little steps that take no more than 20-30 minutes can change the entire course of your day. Who wouldn’t want to try to make their day as best as possible. Although not everyday can be perfect, you will have the tools to try to train your brain to not go straight to negativity. I truly believe that starting your day with gratitude is life changing, and I am so glad that I was able to find that through the app Calm.

I Am Feminist

Why has feminism become such a dirty word to so many people within the past few years? The moment the word feminist is used so many assumptions are made against the entire movement. Many people go straight to thinking that you are a man hating, extreme, non leg shaving bully of some sorts. News flash- modern day feminism means so much more than all of that!

My personal definition of feminism could mean something polar opposite to anyone else, but I find that to be part of the beauty of this movementTo me feminism means supporting other women. When all is said and done, there is NO need to be in competition with each other. Instead of trying to be better than everyone, we should just try to be our best self, and that includes lifting up fellow women.

On this earth we are all equals, and deserve to be treated as one. No man in a position of power has any right to decide what a woman can and should do with her body. Every woman should have 100% control over her reproductive rights.  This also means that women should have completely equal opportunities in all fields of work, and equal pay shouldn’t even have to be a topic of discussion. This does not just mean for people in the same work force. There are so many women, especially women of color, not receiving the pay that they deserve for the hard work that they are doing every single day.

Without getting too deep into the subject and getting too emotional I am going to end with this…Supporting other women, and helping them reach their goals will never take any of your victories away from you. There are enough blessings and wealth to share across the board. Try to keep your heart open, and do not make your life into a competition. We all should learn to grow together as one, instead of creating a divide amongst ourselves. Even though we all cannot be perfect at all times, and there always will be that sense of jealousy we feel towards some people, we need to keep going and keep building. Through it all, I will always be feminist.


A few months ago, when I first began using the app Calm, I stumbled across a meditation labeled “Sonder”. I had no idea what that word meant, but I had a feeling that it was the right one for me to meditate to that day. As I do every time I meditate, I closed my eyes and focused in on my breathing. I felt extra in touch with my breathing, and then the definition of a word that I had already felt was described to me.

Sonder is the realization that every passerby is living a life as vivid as yours. Every single person that we see every day has the same feelings that run through us. It is almost hard to imagine someone living a life as complex as yours- having goals, friends and family, hardships, and joy. It is SO easy to sometimes undermine the feelings of others, not even thinking twice on how you could be hurting them.

I have walked in the mall before, watching everyone pass me, thinking “I wonder what is going on in their head”. Seeing someone looking upset or hurt, realizing so much could be going on in their life in that exact moment. I could make myself crazy making up situations in my head, about myself and others, so sonder truly was something that I have felt for years. What I got out of that meditation, was that being mindful of the emotions of everyone is what we all need. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, even if they do not react to situations the way I feel is right. Even if someone is rude or short with you, the troubles they could be facing may be much deeper than you could even imagine.

From the simple meditation I truly learned that we should keep an open and optimistic mind when dealing with the people surrounding us. You never can fully understand the troubles and the triumphs of strangers, or even those close. Keep your heart and mind open, and try to treat everyone with the love and patience that you hope to have reciprocated towards you!


Trying to Make the Perfect Post

holly after

Is the hair too frizzy? Are there too many shadows? Am I posting at the right time? 

Everytime we make a post there is always a fear that something will go wrong. We fear that the likes won’t POUR in, to validate how amazing our work is. When did instagram popularity become one of the most important, and most stressful part of a hair stylist’s day? Everyday when I finish someones hair my first thought is “how can I make this picture perfect for instagram?”

Social media platforms are such an amazing opportunity for hair stylists, and it has changed my business in such amazing ways. How else would I be able to get clients calling and texting me just by posting a picture of my work online? BUT I think that it causes a sense of anxiety for many of us. Why let the notion of becoming “instagram famous” consume our minds at all times? Checking our pages every two minutes, seeing if anyone new liked our post. Checking to see if you are being featured on any big pages. It is such a fun and exillerating feeling to be seen and to be praised on instagram, but there are other things that deserve our focus just as much.

Yes, we should still post and hashtag. Yes, we should follow people on instragram and strive to be our best. No, we should not become obsessive and just lose ourselves on a simple app. We need to live in the moment a little more, just soak in how happy we make our clients. Be in the moment. Be mindful of the moments we are in, and take in our surroundings. Try not to be on your phone the moment you fall asleep, and then back on it the moment we open our eyes. This industry leads us to being constantly attached to our phones, and sometimes you just need a little break.

I have personally felt consumed by social media. My solution has been taking a step back and meditating before I go to sleep. Put down the phone, and do not worry about the messages you are receiving in that moment. When I wake up I try to stretch and do some light yoga. These small changes have brought me back to where I began, loving to do hair.  Everytime we do something that we are proud of we do not need to look to social media for validation. Being proud of your own work is what counts at the end of the day. Just strive to be the best YOU for YOU!

Enjoy the moment!


My Journey of Hair and Heart

My first post on my first website! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on this page. Ever since I was a young girl, being a hair stylist has always been my dream. Only 30% of people are able to say they are doing their dream job, and I am so lucky to be in that percentage. I was 17 when I was given the opportunity to work in the most amazing salon, Evolution Spa Salon. I am able to grow, as a stylist and a person, alongside people who make me strive to do the most amazing work that I can. Everyday I go in knowing I want to do amazing work, not just for myself, but for a company that I love. Now I get to explore even more into the world of hair by working online to share what I have learned (and learn from anyone willing to share with me). When I decided that I wanted to start this blog, I thought about everything that makes me want more. What makes me get up every morning, get dressed, and live my life to the absolute fullest. Love, passion, my career, spirituality, meditation. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and every choice is a step towards something big in your own story. The universe brought me right here right now for a reason, and I am lucky enough to be able to share it to anyone willing to listen. I hope this blog is able to bring joy, knowledge, enlightenment, and some love to all those who read it. Thank you all for joining me on this amazing journey.