Trying to Make the Perfect Post

holly after

Is the hair too frizzy? Are there too many shadows? Am I posting at the right time? 

Everytime we make a post there is always a fear that something will go wrong. We fear that the likes won’t POUR in, to validate how amazing our work is. When did instagram popularity become one of the most important, and most stressful part of a hair stylist’s day? Everyday when I finish someones hair my first thought is “how can I make this picture perfect for instagram?”

Social media platforms are such an amazing opportunity for hair stylists, and it has changed my business in such amazing ways. How else would I be able to get clients calling and texting me just by posting a picture of my work online? BUT I think that it causes a sense of anxiety for many of us. Why let the notion of becoming “instagram famous” consume our minds at all times? Checking our pages every two minutes, seeing if anyone new liked our post. Checking to see if you are being featured on any big pages. It is such a fun and exillerating feeling to be seen and to be praised on instagram, but there are other things that deserve our focus just as much.

Yes, we should still post and hashtag. Yes, we should follow people on instragram and strive to be our best. No, we should not become obsessive and just lose ourselves on a simple app. We need to live in the moment a little more, just soak in how happy we make our clients. Be in the moment. Be mindful of the moments we are in, and take in our surroundings. Try not to be on your phone the moment you fall asleep, and then back on it the moment we open our eyes. This industry leads us to being constantly attached to our phones, and sometimes you just need a little break.

I have personally felt consumed by social media. My solution has been taking a step back and meditating before I go to sleep. Put down the phone, and do not worry about the messages you are receiving in that moment. When I wake up I try to stretch and do some light yoga. These small changes have brought me back to where I began, loving to do hair.  Everytime we do something that we are proud of we do not need to look to social media for validation. Being proud of your own work is what counts at the end of the day. Just strive to be the best YOU for YOU!

Enjoy the moment!



2 thoughts on “Trying to Make the Perfect Post

  1. My Happy Place 🌈💗 (@_My_Happy_Place)

    I think that all bloggers (including myself) are sometimes too stressed about getting the perfect post with the perfect images, perfect words, giving my opinions but without hurting anyone,… It’s pretty hard sometimes because you are showing all of yourself to the world and not everyone will like you! The most important thing is to love yourself and love what you’re doing without worrying about what the world is going to think 🙂

    Oh, and that photo is SO BEAUTIFUL! ❤


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