I Am Feminist

Why has feminism become such a dirty word to so many people within the past few years? The moment the word feminist is used so many assumptions are made against the entire movement. Many people go straight to thinking that you are a man hating, extreme, non leg shaving bully of some sorts. News flash- modern day feminism means so much more than all of that!

My personal definition of feminism could mean something polar opposite to anyone else, but I find that to be part of the beauty of this movementTo me feminism means supporting other women. When all is said and done, there is NO need to be in competition with each other. Instead of trying to be better than everyone, we should just try to be our best self, and that includes lifting up fellow women.

On this earth we are all equals, and deserve to be treated as one. No man in a position of power has any right to decide what a woman can and should do with her body. Every woman should have 100% control over her reproductive rights.  This also means that women should have completely equal opportunities in all fields of work, and equal pay shouldn’t even have to be a topic of discussion. This does not just mean for people in the same work force. There are so many women, especially women of color, not receiving the pay that they deserve for the hard work that they are doing every single day.

Without getting too deep into the subject and getting too emotional I am going to end with this…Supporting other women, and helping them reach their goals will never take any of your victories away from you. There are enough blessings and wealth to share across the board. Try to keep your heart open, and do not make your life into a competition. We all should learn to grow together as one, instead of creating a divide amongst ourselves. Even though we all cannot be perfect at all times, and there always will be that sense of jealousy we feel towards some people, we need to keep going and keep building. Through it all, I will always be feminist.


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