Creating a Bright Morning

Even after the perfect amount of restful sleep, sometimes you wake up and right away thoughts rush into your head. There is nothing quite worse than starting the day with anxious feelings that are so hard to shake. I have struggled with those feelings for a long time, but within the past few months I have learned a few little ways to help combat those morning anxieties from winning. Even if you are not an anxious person, some of these steps are still very good to do as soon as you wake up!

The biggest thing that I found was do not go straight to your phone! Even if you have an alarm set, just turn it off and give yourself a minute. If you are going straight to Instagram or looking at your texts, you are bound to see something that is going to get your mind going in some direction that it doesn’t need to. I know I would see hair on my Instagram right away and start thinking about work and anything that could go wrong. Just think about all of the good things coming your way that day, or the wins that you had yesterday. There is all day to see what other people are doing, so just give yourself the time to only focus on you, because we all know that doesn’t get to happen much during the day.

Meditation. I can not stress enough that meditation has changed my life. I personally am not fond of doing it on my own, so I use an app called Calm on my phone where there are hundreds of different guided meditations. You can pick out whatever you need to start your day off right. If you are feeling anxious, grateful, calm, or sad, you can find something to guide you where you need to be. Even if you just opt to do it for 5 minutes, you will be starting your day off on the right foot. That little bit of positivity can create a whole day of kindness and joy. I always feel so relieved and light after I meditate, like all of my worries have just disappeared.

My last morning routine after I meditate which is extremely calming is some light yoga. I usually wake up pretty early, so I’m not doing anything extensive, but just doing some stretching really prepares you for the day. Since I do hair, my days are pretty physical, so getting my body ready is important. Even if you don’t have a physical job stretching is such a positive action. I prefer to do my yoga in bed. Just stretch your arms, hands, and shoulders first. Then you can move to opening up your hips and stretching your legs. After all of this you will feel so awake and ready for the day.

Just these few little steps that take no more than 20-30 minutes can change the entire course of your day. Who wouldn’t want to try to make their day as best as possible. Although not everyday can be perfect, you will have the tools to try to train your brain to not go straight to negativity. I truly believe that starting your day with gratitude is life changing, and I am so glad that I was able to find that through the app Calm.


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